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  • Vale & Otopark
    In order to benefit from the Valet & Car Parking services, you only need one of the iGA Pass membership packages. See our membership packages for details. We will be delighted to welcome you with our technological infrastructures and service quality as the largest single storey parking lot under one roof. Parking, valet and car maintenance services will be provided to our guests at the Istanbul Airport parking lot in international airport standards.


    Parking Lot Features

    It consists of a total of 5 blocks with a total capacity of 40.000 vehicles, 1 block with 3 floors and 4 blocks with 7 floors. The smart license plate reading system and the system of capacity management and determining where you park your car will be available soon with 2,500 cameras positioned in our parking lot.

    Valet Service Points

    Our quality staff is ready for you to manage your time in a most effective way.

    Valet pick-up points: There are 3 valet pick-up points in total; 1 on the domestic departure floor, 1 on the international departure floor and 1 on the CIP.

    Valet delivery points: There are 2 valet delivery points on the road between the Plaza Area and the Parking lot, 1 on each of the domestic and international lines.

    Only thing you need is having one of the IGA Pass Extra or IGA Pass Premium membership packages to benefit from car parking and valet services as you wish.

    If you want to buy one-time parking and valet service, just visit the parking lot and valet payment points after using parking lot. You will be able to perform parking and valet transactions through our mobile application with the payment and vehicle finding functions that will be activated soon.

    Each flight with membership packages
    make your experience memorable